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Sandy's Flower Shop
1255 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON N6K 3N5
Local: 519-471-3410


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Bouquet of Mixed Cut Flowers
Bouquet of Mixed Cut Flowers Intercat-901 CA 72.99
Funeral Spray
Funeral Spray Intercat-904 CA 108.99
Wreath with Ribbon
Wreath with Ribbon Intercat-905 CA 181.99
Tantalizing 12 Roses
Tantalizing 12 Roses TANTA CA 93.45
Affection - 12 Mixed Roses
Affection - 12 Mixed Roses AFFECTION CA 93.45
True Passion
True Passion TRUEP CA 64.99
True Love Bouquet
True Love Bouquet TRUEL CA 71.99
Romance ROMANCE CA 123.99
Ava Bouquet
Ava Bouquet AVA CA 71.99
Shannyne Bouquet
Shannyne Bouquet SHANNYN CA 88.99
Paradiso Paradiso CA 64.99
Janet Bouquet
Janet Bouquet JANET CA 71.99

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